Jeffs Issues

First and foremost I am not a politician. I am a patriot, born and raised here in AZ. Growing up in the county outskirts, of what was once a small town, hard work was instilled in my character.  After finishing my collegiate wrestling career and graduating from ASU, I had a brief career as an artist. However, my life’s dream of one day making a US Olympic team led me elsewhere. I spent the majority of my adult life as a world class/international athlete, and additionally immersed myself in the quest to prefect and revitalize an ancient combative system. Following years of involvement in a variety of high level combat athletics, life lead me to the training of US Special Operations teams, and contracting organizations. And now, here we are today. I am an entrepreneur, business owner, hobby farmer, and real estate investor, and most importantly a family man of two small kids. I am an avid outdoors man and thrill seeker. Over the years, I had the opportunity to travel into approx 100 countries as an athlete and traveler. I witnessed first hand that socialism does not work, and that free market countries particularly based from English Law Flourish.  As a American patriot I wish for the next generation to inherit something that our forefathers would be proud of. Politically, I was a registered Republican for 28 years, I am running under the Libertarian ticket, and identify with the “Conservative movement.” Many Libertarians such as myself align themselves with ‘Old School Republican” values such as Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul, Donald Trump, etc.  I believe that the Constitution is a timeless and sacred document, and consider myself to be an avid Constitutionalist in the purest form.  I am a States Rights advocate, and fiscally conservative. I, just like Trump, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan and JFK wish to see the Federal Reserve to be disbanded along with the illegal income tax and IRS, and go back to a Gold & Silver Standard. However, the Governor’s main duty and jurisdiction is public safety.  This being said I wish to see our borders protected, and revamp yet downsize/demilitarize local police forces. I would like to see AZ stop allowing CA to “borrow” AZ water from the Colorado River as we are in a continual drought and they now have technology to desalinate sea water. I would like to see transparency with school budgets, and investigate each municipality’s CAFR Report (Comprehesive Annual Financial Report), that has been exposed by Walter Burien. I would like to get rid of established monopolies for competitive open markets. I am AZ born, and raised and think I can help our state.  I would love your support.