Jeffs Vision

Mr. Funicello’s vision for Arizona as Governor includes:

▪ Better police training. As somebody who has helped train the most elite soldiers in the United States military, Jeff is uniquely qualified to know what officers need to better protect and serve.

▪ Renegotiate the Colorado River compact and get Arizona’s rightful fair share instead of letting other states take advantage of us.  

▪ Support for Freedom of School Choice such as charter schools.

▪ As a gun owner and member of the NRA, Jeff is against any legislation that would seek to diminish Second Amendment rights. He encourages legislation to make firearm safety training mandatory for all school aged children twice a year to encourage personal safety and responsibility and prevent accidental deaths.  

▪ Eliminate the state income tax. We must seek to lower taxes for all, while looking to make our state strong and prosperous into the 21 Century.